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TEQNOLOGICAL ASIA bid farewell to 2023 and welcomed 2024 with an End of the Year Meeting, reviewing the company's performance and members' progress over the past year. Despite challenges, CEO highlighted TEQ ASIA's project successes and members' continuous skill development through research and training.

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Gratitude was extended to all members for their contributions to 2023's success, along with appreciation for speakers who shared insights through workshops and podcasts. 

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Special congratulations went to EXEMPLARY EMPLOYEE 2023, Mr. TRAN NGUYEN CHIEN, recognized for his positive impact and support.

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The meeting concluded with Tet gifts as tokens of appreciation and wishes for the new year. A grand Year End Party (YEP) allowed members to bond and showcase their style, with entertainment including cultural performances and a thrilling raffle draw.

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YEP's success was attributed to the enthusiastic participation of all TEQ ASIA members. Thanks were extended to the leadership team for fostering collaboration and to every member for making the event memorable.




In closing, TEQNOLOGICAL ASIA looks forward to a successful 2024, building upon the achievements of 2023.