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TEQNOLOGICAL ASIA - Team Building 2022

2 mins read

In order to create an environment that is both fun, entertaining, and cohesive, and builds trust and teamwork among all employees, TEQNOLOGICAL ASIA has organized TeamBuilding activities 2 days 1 night at Lang Yen village - Tien Giang province. The trip is not only a vacation trip but also creates conditions for members of the company to tighten solidarity, regenerate energy and breakthrough in future work.

Team building activities 

This is one of the main activities of the day.

With exciting and exciting competitions, the teams have supported solidarity to overcome challenges. This activity is considered to be the activity that brought the most "memorable images" to the Team Building trip of TEQNOLOGICAL ASIA 


Let's review the impressive images of team-building activities:



Competition activities with demanding games The toughness, and teamwork spirit were clearly shown through the cheers and cheers of the teams. Never before has TEQ had such a lively and vibrant atmosphere. Because of that spirit, helped the team overcome challenging games such as overcoming obstacles, swinging rope, and rowing basket......


Gala dinner

Besides, thank you to everyone who practiced together. practice to have engaging and exciting performances that make the Gala more professional. Although they did not bring victory, the teams had a good time exploring their talents together and above all, surpass themselves to boldly step onto the stage.


The team-building trip ended with unforgettable memories in the hearts of each member. Certainly, after this journey, we will find new enthusiasm in ourselves and our colleagues around us, ready to make a successful breakthrough for the next journey.