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Happy international women’s day!

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March brings love and enthusiasm in the hearts of youth and more especially March is the month of women - the month of people who have adorned life with magical colors, a month for everyone to keep the love, respect, and gratitude for women.

On March 8, the man of TEQ ASIA held a small morning to congratulate and send to the sisters gifts and meaningful wishes. The beautiful little gifts carefully prepared by the man were delivered to the lovely girls, containing the sincere feelings that the boys wanted to convey. The characteristic of each sister has been noticed by the man and described in a very lovely way.

In the afternoon, the sisters together had a small afternoon sharing on the topic "Is it necessary to dress up beautifully?". Although it was only 30 minutes, it was enough for the sisters to discuss.

On this special occasion, I would like to wish half of the world a happy and joyful holiday. May you always be confident, shining like the stars; always bright, fresh, blooming like flowers in a beautiful flower garden, and especially becoming beautiful women in their own way.