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Happy International Men's Day

2 mins read

The evening was filled with delightful treats and thoughtful gifts, creating a warm and enjoyable atmosphere for all participants. As a highlight of the event, the semi-finals and finals of the TEQ's MAN 2023 competition took place, adding an extra layer of excitement and entertainment.


Over the course of nearly two weeks, TEQ's MAN 2023 unfolded through three rounds of intense competition, ultimately crowning its top champion. The final TOP 10 contestants showcased their style and confidence with a captivating catwalk and unique name-shouting performances, leaving a lasting impression on the entire TEQ community, particularly those with an appreciation for aesthetic excellence.


I am pleased to announce that a member from the Mobile team emerged victorious in TEQ's MAN 2023, demonstrating a remarkable blend of "beauty," intelligence, and grace. His success is a testament to the diverse talents and qualities present within our TEQ family.

Although TEQ's MAN 2023 has concluded, the cool and impressive images of these "kings" will undoubtedly linger in the minds of every TEQ-er, contributing to the vibrant culture we cultivate.


I extend my sincere gratitude to all the gentlemen at TEQ ASIA for their continuous support and collaboration with their female counterparts. I wish each of you continued success in both your professional endeavors and everyday lives.


The competition's allure and memorable moments can be revisited by watching the recap video at:

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making TEQ's MAN 2023 an exceptional and unforgettable competition.