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Congratulations on 3 years of establishing TEQ ASIA's union

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Anniversaries are important because it celebrates the growth and achievements of an organization. On this important day, let me wish you many years of success as you take on new endeavors!

Let's commend the officers and members of TEQ ASIA's union who persevere despite the many challenges and obstacles to promote decent work, and leave no one behind.

We have gone through the marks of a challenging 3-year journey, but not only stop there, our next journey will choose to cope with more challenges and difficulties to achieve further breakthroughs in the automotive industry, automotive service, TEQ ASIA’s union will try its best, promote its full capacity, cooperate and always support by all goodwill and enthusiasm.

Before ending operations, all members play games with topics about the company, union, knowledge about life…
If they have the right answer, their team will get scores. On contrary, they will be hit by the toy hammers.

Let's review the impressive images of these activities:


Wish you always plenty of health, success, and happiness.

I wish the TEQ ASIA’s union to grow stronger and more successful in its career.</p